Downloading the App

How to download: 

iPhone: Search Sleeplus in the App Store or click below.

Android: Search Sleeplus in Google Play or click below.


(1) Enable the phone's Bluetooth function and open the Sleeplus app.

(2) Once the device is powered on or the power switch is pressed, the Bluetooth indicator will flash for 10 seconds, indicating that the device and install the app; is ready to be paired. The indicator will turn off after 10 seconds and and the device's Bluetooth will be disabled. Press the power button to turn it on again.

(3) Place the device near the phone and follow the instructions on the app to perform pairing. The connection is successful when the Bluetooth indicator changes from a flashing to a steady light. 

(4) If the device cannot be found, please ensure Bluetooth is turned on and the device is near the phone. Search for the device again and follow the guidelines on the app to pair the device. 

Please note that the device can be used normally without pairing the app and it does not stay connected to your phone.

(1) Only iPhones with iOS 8.0 or above or phones with Android 4.3 or above are supported. 

(2) Some Android phones require users to enable the location permission for the app. The Bluetooth permission must be enabled on your phone to search and pair a device. 

(3) The device only needs to be paired once, unless it is later unpaired.

(4) After the device is paired with the app, Bluetooth is only used to connect to the phone when configuring settings and syncing data, saving you both worry and power. 


Go here for the full user manual.