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Smart Anti Snore Mask

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Smart Recognition Technology
With the advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, this Smart Anti-Snore Mask can precisely identify snoring sounds and then deliver gentle vibrations to stop your snoring with non-perceived physical intervention. Finally a comfortable solution to snoring with its groundbreaking technology.

Personalized Functionality
The Anti-Snoring Device has 36 levels physical intervention (automatic or controlled). Whether you are a slight snorer or suffer with severe snoring, you will find this helpful. You can adjust the intensity and sensitivity of physical intervention within the free app, or activate the snore-stopping delay function (this delays its function until you fall asleep) to personalize the mask. Ergonomic design allows you to comfortably put the mask on and take off easily.

Super Light and Comfortable
It is only 1.35 oz, making it extremely portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is made of an ecological soft high-density sponge for maximum comfort and fit so you can sleep comfortably and snore-free.

Phone Control and Intelligent Analysis
The Smart Anti-Snore Mask can be connected to your cellphone via Bluetooth technology, so that you can control the device and set up or adjust working modes with the associated app. Users can also track their snoring patterns, hear their snoring playback, and analyze overall sleep quality.

Start Sleeping In Comfort and Peace Today!
Daily use of our Smart Anti-Snore Mask will promote better sleep, health, and overall lifestyle.


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