Smart Sleeper Instruction Manual

Brand: Rest Remedies

Model: Smart Sleeper

Dimensions: 40.5*25.5*13mm

Weight: 10g

Pulse frequency: 53Hz ±10%

Battery capacity: 3.7V/80mAh

Run time: About 15 hours 

In the package:

Smart Sleeper Device x1

Charging Dock x1

Quick Start Guide x1

Charging Cable x1

Electrode Pad x10 

Smart Sleeper Device

This smart electronic muscle stimulator is designed to detect snores and emit gentle pulses to stimulate and massage the muscles of the throat, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Please take your time in setting up your device. Find the most effective settings that work best for you by adjusting your settings over time. Be sure to use the device consistently for a minimum of two weeks for best results. This initial setup period has proven effective to thousands of our customers. Once properly setup, you can enjoy peaceful, comfortable sleep for years to come.

Powering On/Off 

To turn the device on, simply press the power button for 3 seconds. 

Once powered on, the power indicator will turn on for 10 seconds and the Bluetooth indicator will flash for 10 seconds before turning off. 

To turn the device off, simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. 

The power and Bluetooth indicators will turn off once the device is successfully powered off. 

(1) The power indicator will turn on for up to 10 seconds when pressed. To save power, it will automatically turn off after it turns to a steady light. 

(2) If you cannot confirm whether the device is working, you can check whether the power indicator turns on by gently pressing the power button. A light indicates the device is working. 

Battery and Power 

(1) Checking the battery level - Once the device is powered on or the power button is pressed, you can determine the battery level by checking the color of the power indicator.

A yellow light indicates the device battery is low and requires charging. 

A green light indicates the device has sufficient power and does not require charging. 

To check the specific battery level, connect the device to the Sleeplus app and view from your phone. After pairing with the Sleeplus app, you will see the battery level indicator on the app.

(2) This device uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. 

(3) It takes roughly two hours to fully charge the battery. 

(4) To charge the device, insert the USB charging cable into the charging dock and place the device onto the dock. A flashing power light indicates the device is charging, while a steady light indicates charging is complete. 

Downloading the App

How to download: 

iPhone: Search Sleeplus in the App Store or click below.

Android: Search Sleeplus in Google Play or click below.


(1) Enable the phone's Bluetooth function and open the Sleeplus app.

(2) Once the device is powered on or the power switch is pressed, the Bluetooth indicator will flash for 10 seconds, indicating that the device and install the app; is ready to be paired. The indicator will turn off after 10 seconds and and the device's Bluetooth will be disabled. Press the power button to turn it on again.

(3) Place the device near the phone and follow the instructions on the app to perform pairing. The connection is successful when the Bluetooth indicator changes from a flashing to a steady light. 

(4) If the device cannot be found, please ensure Bluetooth is turned on and the device is near the phone. Search for the device again and follow the guidelines on the app to pair the device. 

Please note that the device can be used normally without pairing the app and it does not stay connected to your phone.

(1) Only iPhones with iOS 8.0 or above or phones with Android 4.3 or above are supported. 

(2) Some Android phones require users to enable the location permission for the app. The Bluetooth permission must be enabled on your phone to search and pair a device. 

(3) The device only needs to be paired once, unless it is later unpaired.

(4) After the device is paired with the app, Bluetooth is only used to connect to the phone when configuring settings and syncing data, saving you both worry and power. 

Data Syncing

(1) Ensure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on and the device is powered on.

(2) Open the Sleeplus mobile app and bring your phone close to the device.

(3) Gently press the power button on the device to start syncing, indicated by a pop-up window in the app. After data syncing is completed, the pop-up window will disappear, the device will automatically disconnect from Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth indicator will turn off.

(4) It is recommended to sync data after each use so you can better understand your quality of sleep, sleep data, and any variation trends.

Personalized App Settings

After the device is paired with the phone, you can adjust the intensity of intervention, delay of intervention, and sensitivity to find a mode that works best for you. 

(1) Ensure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on and the device is powered on.

(2) Open the Sleeplus mobile app and bring your phone close to the device.

(3) On the data page, tap the gear to enter the Settings interface. 

(4) Gently press the power button on the device to turn on the Bluetooth indicator.

(5) When the Settings interface displays "Connected", you can start to adjust the default settings. 

(6) Users who are easily awakened can reduce the intensity of intervention, while those who cannot adequately feel the stimulation can increase the intensity as needed. 

(7) Users who are easily awakened when falling asleep can adjust the delay of intervention according to their sleeping habits. 

(8) Users who find the stimulation is too frequent can reduce the frequency of stimulation by reducing the sensitivity to snores. 

Wear Instructions

(1) It is recommended to shave any beard or hair on the chin and throat and clean the site of adhesion with soapy water or water.

 Before sticking the electrode pad in place, make sure the site of adhesion is clean and dry to guarantee adhesiveness. Please avoid excessive shaving as this may easily lead to skin symptoms.  

If you have a beard and prefer to keep it (we understand!), you may purchase our strap for fastening your device by tapping the photo:

(2) Tear off the protective film on the electrode pad and ensure the groove is nearest your throat. Look straight ahead and use both hands to stick the electrode pad in the correct position. This helps to prevent poor adhesion of the electrode pad as a result of movement of the soft neck tissue. 

(3) To ensure the pad is firmly adhered to the skin, press the entire electrode pad firmly with your palm for about 30 seconds after application to ensure that it is in full contact with the skin. 

(4) Power on the main component and attach it to the electrodes, as shown below: 


Note: Excessive sweat may cause the pad to fall off.

If you are having any issues with adhesion - shave the area of adhesion and clean it with an alcohol swab before applying the pad. This solves most adhesion issues!


To purchase more pads, click the image of pads below: 



(1) The device wakes me up before I properly fall asleep. What should I do? 

It is recommended to pair the device with the Sleeplus app and use the delay start function to solve the problem. 

(2) It hurts slightly when I use the device. What should I do? 

It is recommended to pair your device with the Sleeplus app and reduce the intensity of intervention in your Settings. You can also experience the intensity of intervention when pairing, and adjust the intensity according to the highest setting you can tolerate. For detailed steps, please view Section 7 in personalized settings.  

(3) Does the device need to be used in conjunction with the app? 

No, the device can be used separately from the app. You can manually adjust the default settings when pairing with the app to improve user experience. After the device is paired, Bluetooth is only used to connect to the phone when configuring settings and syncing data, saving you both worry and power. By syncing data with the app, you can better understand your quality of sleep, sleep data, and any variation trends. 

(4) Does the app work on all phones? 

The app supports phones with iOS 8.0 or above or Android 4.3 or above. Currently, 99% of the phones on the market can be used.

(5) Do I need to sync data every day? 

It is recommended to sync data after each use. The data allows you to understand your quality of sleep, sleep information, and learn about changes in your sleep quality and habits from your sleep trends. 

(6) Will the power indicator stay on after the device is powered on? 

No. When the device is powered on, the power and Bluetooth indicators will turn on for about 10 seconds, after which they will automatically turn off. Gently press the power button to turn them on again for another 10 seconds. 

(7) How do I know if the device is working?

Gently press the power button. The device is working if the power and Bluetooth indicators turn on. If they do not, please power on or charge the device. 

(8) How long does it take to charge the device and how long can it be used for when fully charged? 

The device takes about 2 hours to fully charge, after which most users can use it for 2 nights. Heavy snorers are recommended to charge it every day.

(9) Can the electrode pad be reused multiple times? 

The electrode pad may be used for as long as the adhesive lasts. However, it is likely to fall off with repeated use. 


(1) Use and store the device in a normal temperature range (-10°C to +50°C). 

(2) Keep the device away from sources of fire or high temperatures (e.g. electric heaters, microwaves, ovens, etc.). 

(3) Keep the device away from high impact or strong vibration to avoid damage. 

(4) Do not use chemicals, detergents or other products to clean the device. Keep the device dry; do not wash it. 

(5) Do not attempt to remove or replace the built-in lithium polymer battery on your own so as to avoid damage. 

(6) Do not throw the device into fire to prevent the possibility of an explosion. 

(7) This device is not a toy. Please keep it out of the reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing or other dangerous incidents. 

(8) The electrode pads contained in this product are disposable. Do not reuse them. 

(9) After use of this product, the electrode pads should be processed in accordance with the local laws and regulations, and must not be disposed of at will. 

(10) Discontinue use immediately if you experience any discomfort during use of this product. 

(11) This product must not be used in conjunction with other medical device products. 

(12) Please do not attach the product to the eyes, the carotid sinus, or elsewhere near the cardiac shadow area. 

After-Sales Service

(1) This product is covered under a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

(2) Artificial damage is not covered by warranty. 

(3) It is recommended to maintain a two-week trial period, with the first week as the adjustment period.

(4) The electrode pads are a consumable product that are not reusable.


Unsuitable Users: 

People with the following conditions: pacemakers, implantable defibrillators or any other implanted metal or electronic devices; acute suppurative inflammation, a tendency to bleed, or malignant tumors in the submandibular region; severe cardiovascular or cerebrovascular problems; ventilatory disorders caused by nasal disease; an allergy to electrodes or currents; skin ulcers on the site of adhesion; pregnant women or those in labor; and children under 16.