Anti-Snoring Mask Instruction Manual


This smart anti-snore mask is designed to detect snores via bone conduction technology, and emit gentle vibrations to stop your snoring, allowing you to sleep peacefully.


  1. The mask accurately detects and identifies snoring sounds through bone conduction technology.
  2. Once snoring is recognized, our intelligent product offers physical intervention via slight vibrations, virtually imperceptible to sleeping users.
  3. To see if this product improves your sleep, you can besides your own perception or observations of relatives, record and study the level of intensity or frequency of snoring through the App and finally check your progress.

Important: Please remember that reducing your snoring is very important for your health - but to do so, you need to not only use this device, but also improve your lifestyle, eating habits, stress levels - and stay positive and patient!

* The Mask is preset with settings that are most effective for the standard snorer population. The thresholds of detection (sensitivity), of action (intensity of micro-vibration) and the term of action (delay of the function of action especially to allow a better sleeping at the beginning of the night) are adjustable, via the App, in order to adapt to each case.



To turn the device on, simply toggle the power switch to ON.

Once powered on, the power indicator will turn on for 15 seconds and the Bluetooth indicator will flash for 15 seconds before turning off.

To turn off the device, toggle the power switch to OFF. The power and Bluetooth indicators will turn off once the device is successfully powered off.


Checking the battery level

You can  determine the battery by checking the color of the power indicator. A red power light indicates the device has low battery and requires charging.

A green power light indicates the device has sufficient battery and does not require charging.

To check the exact battery level, connect the device to the Sleeplus app and view the level from your phone.

  1. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be charged via phone chargers and the computer’s USB connection.
  2. It can be fully charged in two hours. After a full charge, the battery lasts two nights. We suggest that people with high snoring cadence charge it every day.
  3. The power indicator will flash when the device is plugged in to charge. A red flashing light indicates the device is almost fully charged. the green light will stay on when it is fully charged. The device will automatically turn off once unplugged.


 How to download: 

iPhone: Search Sleeplus in the App Store or click below.

Android: Search Sleeplus in Google Play or click below.


  1. Once the application is installed, turn on the Bluetooth of your Smartphone and open the application. In the meantime, make sure the device is turned on and press the FUNC button to start the Bluetooth that will blink blue. Link the product to your phone via the App and you will be able to see the recordings of your snoring and the quality of your sleep through the application.
  2. Set your ideal working mode for the device: The default mode* may not be suitable for everyone. We recommend making this adjustment (5 different levels for each of the detection thresholds, the intervention time and the intensity of the micro-vibrations) on your own during the first few days of use of the product, depending on the intensity of your snoring, the environment (perhaps noisy, e.g. air travel) and your sleep habits.
  3. For people with light sleep, it is recommended not to intervene physically during the first cycle of light sleep. By activating the snoring stop delay function, the product does not interfere with your drowsiness.

*the product is delivered with its corresponding settings so that it is effective for a user with standard snoring. The thresholds of detection (sensitivity), action (intensity of micro-vibration) and the time of action (delay of the function of action especially to allow a better sleeping at the beginning of the night) are adjustable, via the App, in order to adapt to each case.


  • Use and store the product within a specific temperature range of -10ÂşC to 50ÂşC. Extreme temperature can cause product malfunction.
  • Keep product away from all sources of heat, such as heaters, microwaves, or grills.
  • Keep the product away from strong shocks or vibrations as this may damage the product.
  • Never clean the product with chemicals, detergents or water. Always keep it dry.
  • Never dismantle the product, remove or replace the lithium battery incorporated in the product. It may damage the product and void the warranty. Do not dispose of the product in a fire, as this could cause an explosion.
  • This is not a toy. Please place it in a suitable place and keep it out of the reach of children so as not to expose them to the dangers of misuse.


  1. The warranty is one year from the date of original purchase for the entire product.
  2. Artificial damage is out of warranty. Caution: any intervention to the device will void the warranty.
  3. When judging the effectiveness of our product, we recommend extending its use for at least two weeks, without interruption. Indeed, 10% of users need a period of adaptation to the product in order to solve some difficulties such as the sensation of waking up or the presence of a foreign body. A customization of the adjustments may also be necessary.


It may take a few days to get used to the mask and the possible micro-vibrations before you get used to its beneficial action.

You’ll notice over time that the tiny discomfort feeling gradually gives way to that feeling that this mask improves the quality of your sleep and controls your snoring.

When first using this mask, please take some time in adjusting and personalizing your settings as often as necessary. You can change the vibration intensity settings at any time via the App (5 different levels for each of the detection thresholds, for the intervention time and for the intensity of the micro-vibrations).